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Hypervoice Is Evolving

As with all new and innovative ideas, Hypervoice is growing and taking shape in a number of different ways. Here we share some of the best free resources to keep you up to date. 


Hypervoice Whitepaper 

Start by downloading the original whitepaper authored by Martin Geddes "Hypertext to Hypervoice - Linking what you say to what you do". 



Martin Geddes presenting on an Introduction to Hypervoice at the Unified Communications Expo in March 2013.  

Video of the Hypervoice Consortium's 1st Virtual Event, featuring:

  • Jason Goecke, Founder & CEO of Voxeo Labs
  • Laura Koetzle, SVP at Forrester Research 
  • Tracy Isacke, Head of Silicon Valley office of Telefonica Digital

Hypervoice demo at WebRTC Atlanta in June 2013

Voxeo Labs Senior Engineer Tim Panton gave a 10-min. demo showing some early Hypervoice use cases. 


Speaker slides from the 2nd Hypervoice Virtual Event