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New Report from Hypervoice Consortium: How Voice and Privacy Will Transform the Tech Industry

The seeds of the future are found in the unlikely hero of the human voice. A new report from the Hypervoice Consortium on the future of personal communications found that emerging technology is moving quickly towards adopting the human voice as the core interface. And with this shift, new privacy concerns emerge. The report’s release coincides with Data Privacy Day, sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance.


Ericsson and InterDigital join Hypervoice Consortium

The Hypervoice Consortium, officially announced at the WebRTC conference in November of last year, has now welcomed two new founding partners to the group, bringing the total to six. InterDigital and Ericsson join Telefonica Digital, HarQen, Voxeo Labs, and Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd. as industry leaders who have come together to redefine the future of voice services. The founding partners aim to fulfill the consortium's mission of articulating and advancing standards, capabilities and potential applications for the emerging Hypervoice framework.


Meet the Internet's Next Frontier: Hypervoice

During his presentation Wednesday at WebRTC Conference & Expo, Martin Geddes, a well-respected telecom expert and founder of Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd., announced the launch of the Hypervoice Consortium, whose principle mission is to advance Hypervoice standards, capabilities and applications. Telefonica Digital, HarQen and Voxeo Labs have joined Geddes as charter members of the Hypervoice Consortium.