Microsoft HoloLens Could Make Conference Calls Really Fun

With the announcement of Microsoft’s Project HoloLens coming to developers this spring, many are focused on immersive, otherworldly gaming applications of virtual reality. But what if the real killer app could be found in something far more mundane, such as the lowly conference call?

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Speech Tech Magazine: Tropo Launches Hypervoice Assistant "Ito"

Tropo, a provider of real-time communication (RTC) developer platforms, has released Ito, a communications assistant or bot for the Slack chat communications tool. 

Ito can also perform advanced voice analytics or hypervoice, on calls, and can record, transcribe, index, and analyze multiparty conversations. Tropo is a founding member of the Hypervoice Consortium, backed by industry leaders including Ericsson and Telefonica.


The NY Times Bits Blog: Language Translation Tech Starts to Deliver on Its Promise

“The [Google translate] technology is potentially magical, but the threats are real too,” said Kelly Fitzsimmons, co-founder of the Hypervoice Consortium, which researches the future of communication. “What would it mean to have a corpus of conversations after there is regime change, and a new government doesn’t like what you said?”


Editorial: From HD Voice to Smart Calling

Check out this editorial by Doug Mohney on HD Voice News

HD voice and its successors are the building block for Smart Calling.  In the weeks to come, you should hear more about Smart Calling over at TMCNet, discussing recording, voice biometrics, voice analytics, and Hypervoice practices. 



The New York Times Bits Blog: What's Lost When Everything Is Recorded

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“Voice is going to places it hasn’t gone before, with people developing applications to post conversations to Facebook, or games that prove you are a good son because you call Mom every week,” said Jason Goecke, the chief executive of Tropo, which makes voice-tagging software. “There are no social constructs for pervasive recording yet, just a hodgepodge of state regulations based on the phone system.”



SpeechTech Magazine: The 2013 Speech Luminaries

Congratulations to Martin Geddes & Kelly Fitzsimmons on being named 201 3 Speech Luminaries by SpeechTech Magazine

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The Hypervoice Consortium includes thought leaders in Web, voice, and telephone application and platform design, but the real credit goes to founders Martin Geddes and E. Kelly Fitzsimmons.

Geddes is president and CEO of Martin Geddes Consulting. Fitzsimmons cofounded Web telephony company HarQen in 2007 and still serves on its board of directors.



InformationWeek: 3 Reasons Voice Will Finally Come To The Web

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Voice is dead. Or at least the digerati think so. It takes some real digging in Silicon Valley to find the voiceheads, the true believers that voice will have its second coming as a Web application.

Today, most people think of Apple's Siri when you say voice app, but what if you could control all your apps with voice, and also search through spoken conversations and find content as easily as you do in email? At the very fringes of consumer and enterprise social interaction, this vision is already here. This emergent paradigm, known as hypervoice, promises to be a major boon for productivity.


TMCnet: The Coming Era of 'Smart-Calling'

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Today, we have smartphones, but dumb phone calls. It's time to start thinking about how "smart-calling" can improve business productivity for all -- and profitability for communications service providers.

Companies like VoiceBase are already taking everything from conference calls to podcasts and turning them into searchable "HyperVoice" form. Applying this technology to businesses could vastly improve productivity. If you can't remember what was said on a particular conference call, type in a few key words to pull up the transcript and click on the recording to refresh your memory.