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Mobile Future Forward

Mobile Future Forward

On: 09 / 28 / 2015 15500 Six Penny Lane Newcastle, WA

The next 10 years will generate almost 1000 Trillion dollars in global GDP, which is 60% more than the last 10 years. What will be significant is how the “Connected Intelligence” built using networks, sensors, and software is going to transform every industry, every nation.

At Mobile Future Forward (now in its 6th year), attendees will delve into the nuances of innovation that trigger seismic activity which shapes the future generation of experiences, applications and services.

Hypervoice Co-founder Kelly Fitzsimmons will lead a panel focused on Disruption. 

Disruption in the Connected Era

Every company present at Mobile Future Forward is disrupting the markets in their own ways, some more fundamentally than others, some more dramatically than others. We will look at the disruption of traditional industries and creation of new ones. Each of the pillars of the global economy – healthcare, retail, transportation, energy, education, and the like is in the process of getting by the players who are able to connect the dots and build a platform of innovation. How these new breed of companies think about disruption and nurturing their relationship with the users.

Panel Participants:

  • Joao Barros, CEO and Founder, Veniam
  • Sunil Dulovoy, Head of Business Dev, Uber Everything
  • Alberto Torres, CEO, Atheer Labs
  • Kelly Fitzsimmons, CoFounder, HarQen (moderator)