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Hypervoice: State of the Possible

Hypervoice: State of the Possible

On: 11 / 10 / 2015 San Francisco, CA

Hypervoice Consortium Co-founders Kelly Fitzsimmons and Martin Geddes are hosting an exclusive, invitation-only event in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 10th, with kind support from Cisco

"Hypervoice: State of the Possible" will feature:
-  A keynote from Ray Ozzie, one of the few people who truly deserves the title "industry visionary" in this space. 
- Groundbreaking Hypervoice Consortium research into the future of communications.
- Short talks from hand-selected presenters demonstrating the most innovative Hypervoice applications, including Talko, Cogi, and Intellisis. 
- A panel discussion highlighting key friction points and category developments.
- Unparalleled opportunity to connect with experts and innovators who share a passion for voice and enthusiasm for what's possible.
The event is free to attend, and invitations have been sent out.  Spaces are on a first-come first-served basis. We are limiting attendance to 50 people, all of whom are pioneers in this emerging ecosystem of advanced communications. Please RSVP accordingly as directed in the invite.