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Executive Women's Forum

Executive Women's Forum

On: 10 / 21 / 2014 7500 E Doubletree Ranch Rd Scottsdale, AZ, 85258

The Executive Women's Forum (EWF) Annual Conference provides an exclusive opportunity to personally interact with more than 300 global thought leaders in the fields of Information Security, Risk Management and Privacy.

In a featured presentation at this year's EWF event, Hypervoice Consortium Co-founder Kelly Fitzsimmons will share what the future of voice communications holds for us. The women at this year's EWF are in for a treat because there are some radical new ideas that Kelly will be sharing on the humanization and feminization of tech and what that means for all of us. 

Featured Presentation: Communicating in 2024: The Internet’s Next Wave
Tuesday, Oct. 21 from 4:45pm - 5:30pm. 

When we set off on our quest to envision what communications would look like in 2024, we thought we had a pretty good head start. My research partner, Martin Geddes, and I had spent decades predicting the future state of communications rather accurately. So image our surprise when we revealed our futuristic vision to engineers in the trenches at several of the world’s largest and most respected tech companies only to find that our most far out prophecies were merely three years out… at best. 

Within the next decade, communications will change so dramatically we will be hard pressed to remember what it felt like to: dial a phone, text, text while driving (or simply driving for that matter). Thanks in large part to what Ray Kurzweil called the Law of Accelerating Returns, the future is coming far faster than any of us realize.