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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

On: 02 / 24 / 2014 Barcelona

Wednesday 26th February, 2014
14:00 – 15:30
The Future of Voice - Chair: Martin Geddes

Martin Geddes will be leading a session at Mobile World Congress called The Future of Voice.  The session includes speakers from Ericsson, Plantronics, SK Telecom, Mozilla, SAP, Audience and TokBox. 

Session Description
The advent of VoIP has led to a dramatic shift in the delivery of voice services globally.  Consumers demand high quality and high reliability for their voice services however few are willing to pay top dollar for the service. With consumers gravitating toward no cost VoIP services, operators are re-adjusting their business models and investing in technology to better compete in the voice service market.

This session will bring together the growing mobile voice ecosystem to discuss the latest strategies and technologies driving the changes with voice based services across the industry.  What will be the impact of the move to an all IP future for voice services? What will be the opportunities with operator VoLTE deployments? How will next generation networks enable operators to compete with OTT’s in a new dynamic environment? Where have the achievements and challenges with WebRTC been seen and what opportunities does WebRTC present to service providers?

At the heart of these questions – what do these services do for the customer?  What value do these services add? How can we improve the experience for customers, while capturing the revenue opportunity with emerging voice services? 

Conference Description
Mobile is transforming communication, advancing the next payment system that alters commerce, and expanding ways in which we interact. Once again taking place at Fira Gran Via – the world-class venue in the heart of the Mobile World Capital, join attendees in the opportunity to witness the industry’s continued expansion and growth.

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