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Charter Event - Hypervoice Workshop San Francisco

Charter Event - Hypervoice Workshop San Francisco

On: 10 / 11 / 2012 San Francisco, CA

On Thursday, October 11, a select group of 20 thought leaders from innovative startups, enterprise technology and global telecoms, gathered in San Francisco to explore Hypervoice - linking what we say to what we do.   By making voice a native web object that can be tagged, searched and shared, Hypervoice is poised to supersede telephony and sets the stage for Web  3.0. 

Martin Geddes lead the working group in several engaging sessions where they tackled questions such as:

  • How will Hypervoice change our behavior and our daily workflow?
  • How will hypervoice affect the future of collaboration?
  • What role will telecoms play in the future of Hypervoice?
  • How will Hypervoice make web conferencing better than meeting face-to-face?
  • How will virtual teams adopt Hypervoice?

Other highlights from the day included an eloquent summary by Martin of the progression of Telco/Enterprise/Web voice and a collaborative panel discussion featuring:

  • Quentin Hardy, Deputy Tech Editor, New York Times
  • Tracy Isacke, Director Business Development and Investments, Telefonica Digital
  • Laura Koetzle, VP & Practice Leader, Infrastructure and Operations, Security and Risk, Forrester