Martin Geddes

What problems does Hypervoice solve?


We take notes, but those notes are lost in paper notebooks and are incomprehensible without access to the original conversation. When we need to return for that one vital snippet of information or insight, it is either forgotten or impossible to find.

Hypervoice helps to solve ‘presenteeism’, which is the need to be party to conference calls just in case something of interest to you or your team crops up. One can be a participant without having to be part of the live call.

Hypervoice avoids the need for meeting participants to create meeting summaries, or write post-meeting activity lists or minutes. These are an intrinsic part of a hypervoice conversation.

Hypervoice lets us search and navigate the conversation recording by keyword search, presentation slides, flags, agenda items or colleagues’ collaborative notes.

Hypervoice lets critical moments of conversations be shared in their original voice format, so that meaning and intent are preserved, rather than filtered into an inaccurate text précis.