Martin Geddes

Hypervoice in the Enterprise

Voice is a business transformation enabler.

We are so used to making phone calls that we hardly ever reflect on why we choose voice as a medium. What business purpose does voice service?

Whilst voice services a multitude of point needs, it has a dual role in enterprise transformation, and thus CIO-level visibility:

  • Voice is part of a change in how we work. Enterprises are looking for estate cost reduction by moving to virtual teams and home working, and the ability to recruit talent without regard to geographical constraints.

  • Voice is at the boundary between automated and manual systems; the costly business process exceptions and demands for creativity escalate the conversation to natural language. How that interface works is critical. Voice can be used to enable both increased automation, and application of human problem-solving intelligence.

By linking what we say to what we do in our daily workflow, Hypervoice conversations seek to enhance the quality and effectiveness of voice in our everyday work activites.  Maximizing voice in this way will mean a fundamental change in how the Enterprise workforce does business.