Martin Geddes

Hypervoice Launches Voice into the Cloud Era

It is unlikely you will have used an electric typewriter in the last few days. We have gladly foregone the thumping letters inking paper pinched between rollers, dragged along by a heavy steel carriage. However, it is quite likely you will have made a telephone call this week. This is a technology also patterned on the electric era, and modern telephony retains the assumptions of the century-old idea of automated call switching.

It is time to transcend those limits of the past. That telephony is synchronous, unstructured and unshared is a legacy of a pre-computer age. The cloud era that is upon us is about a new cheap and abundant resource: not electricity, but information. Every spoken word and gesture, especially in the context of business, is potentially of value. The cloud lets voice become asynchronous, structured and shareable.

Hypervoice is how we transform our ability to create value from voice. It links what we say to what we do - even if these actions are performed in multiple applications. Hypervoice objects are the information spine that glues together separate digital gestures into a narrative whole - just as hypertext documents do for text and images. With Hypervoice, the whole conversation can be stored, searched, navigated, analysed and integrated into our workflow - not just the textual parts.

Voice in the cloud is not about a delivery mechanism for audio, or adding new media stream to web browsers. It is about enriching the possibility for using computers to amplify our ideas -- in whatever medium they are created -- as fuel for the era of cheap information.