Kelly Fitzsimmons

Introducing Human Technology: Communications 2025

Boy, the future sure isn’t what it used to be.  The speed of change is so rapid, it seems like we blink and miss some game-changing innovation. 

And yet, the seeds of the future are scattered all around us. Over the last year, our team at the Hypervoice Consortium collected many of those seeds by interviewing more than 30 visionaries, scholars and engineers and combing through mountains of research.

We asked a seemingly straightforward question: What will communications look like in 2025? 

What we found surprised us…

Emerging technology is moving rapidly towards adopting the human voice as a core interface

And with this shift, new privacy concerns emerge.  Given the profound impact voice privacy may have on the larger debate, we timed the release of our report to coincide with Data Privacy Day, sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance.  

So without further ado, we’re delighted to share our summary report, The End of IT: From Hypersense to Human Technology, with you.  Check out our homepage for a downloadable PDF.  

We encourage you to join us in our ongoing conversation via Twitter (@hypervoiceorg) where we share our insights, articles and curate industry news.  

Together we can create a future worth talking about.