Kelly Fitzsimmons

"Predict The Future (Without Looking Like An Idiot)" - InformationWeek

Use these 8 tactics this coming budget season to force your planning in new directions.

Thanks (in part) to our harried schedules, it is terribly tempting during budget season to use the current year's budget as a divining rod. Pad some areas where you fell short, add one or two known new items. If you are an overachiever, you may even reduce an existing project's scope to fund something new and -- gasp! -- risky.

This year I invite you to stretch a bit and think about budgeting differently. Think of it as an exercise in predicting the future. Planning for those "risky" projects and giving room for "unlikely" scenarios will set you apart from your peers. And when the future reveals her chaotic and often cruel nature, your future self will thank you.

To help you become a more prodigious prognosticator, I offer a sampling of tactics and concepts to increase your accuracy, and force you to consider possibilities you'd rather avoid. Think of these as some tricks of the futurist trade.

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