Kelly Fitzsimmons

"Lots Of Messages, How Much Engagement?" - InformationWeek

We're churning out emails, docs, presentations faster than ever. "Content telemetry" looks to measure the impact of all that fury.

If you send your slide deck around and no one compliments or criticizes, did your idea matter? For all our advances in digital communication, one problem seems woefully overlooked: engagement. We are producing more documents daily than our ancestors dreamed possible, and yet we have only the crudest ways of telling if anyone is paying attention.

This exasperating experience may be a fact of life in sales (and why so many of us run from sales), but engagement takes on a different urgency when it comes to communicating with colleagues about something like an important data security alert or critical compliance failure. For many a CIO, the ability to foster user engagement -- and know whether communication is working -- equals job security.

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