Kelly Fitzsimmons

"Is Mobile VoIP A Telco Killer?" - InformationWeek

For many, it's a foregone conclusion that mobile VoIP (mVoIP) will demolish what remains of telco voice revenues. Recently, Juniper Research piled onto this prevailing wisdom when it released its report on Mobile VoIP, which projects a $5 billion loss of voice revenue by 2015. Thanks in large part to the quickly expanding availability of 3G and WiFi networks as well as LTE and HSPA+, Juniper forecasts that mVoIP will swiftly become the de facto standard for mobile users.

The thing about such digital disruption, though, is that it's messy and tends to upend the most grounded predictions.  What does all of this mean for Telco players? How are customers going to change as mVoIP becomes more accessible? 

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