Lindsay Seabrook


We know more about the physics of faraway stars than we know about human nutrition. There’s disruptive innovation for entrepreneurs on preventative health including re-learning human nutrition - linking dietetics, nutrition, behavioral science and biometric sensors.
— Peter Thiel, Zero to One

The use cases of Dupl’s design and technology, which enabled live sharing of visual content within a private 1:1 voice / video call, were widespread and compelling.  Use cases ranged from a telecom provider for migrant workers to communicate with their families to concierge on-line fashion shopping and designer creative collaboration. 

Following successful initial trials in December 2014, the company has focused 100% on preventative health with an emphasis on personal 1:1 coaching and behavioral motivation around fitness and nutrition.   This is an area for which CEO / Founder Tony Kypreos, CTO George Kapetanakis and Chairman Bob McGuire have a long-standing interest and passion.   The Dupl team is complimented by some of the UK’s leading Dietitians, sports scientists and performance nutritionists. 

The Dupl technology platform design enables empathic conversation as a key part of Health & Fitness coaching. Dupl further exploits the huge growth in wearable sensor data and enables this to form a tight feedback loop between the virtual coach and customer.  The coach is able to calibrate the wearable sensors to the individual, and thereafter the data is tracked and interpreted remotely - enabling highly accurate remote guidance and coaching.  

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Images courtesy of Dupl