Lindsay Seabrook


About Talko:
The smartphone has forever changed how we live and work. It keeps us connected and allows us to get things done on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. But although we’re connecting 10x more, we’re saying 10x less. We still ‘tap and send’ as if we’re sitting in front of a desktop PC. The result is miscommunication, teams getting out of sync, and ultimately lost time and productivity.

Voice is the most natural way for people to communicate. It allows us to engage with clarity, share ideas with emotion, and quickly solve problems together.

The Hypervoice team uses Talko to communicate across 3 different time zone and 2 continents. We have shared photos from California, voice memos from Dubai, and urgent updates when we're not tied to our computers but know we can reach other through Talko. Give it a try and let the Talko team know what you think. 

Download the app for iPhone. More platforms coming soon.