Lindsay Seabrook


HarQen, a founding partner of the Hypervoice Consortium and a pioneer in the Hypervoice arena, offers several solutions for improving Enterprise Communications. 

Their original product, VoiceAdvantage , is a high-volume phone and video interviewing tool that dramatically reduces the time to hire through efficient screening and more flexibility for candidates.  Most importantly, candidates have a real voice in the process and their personality can be portrayed much more than with traditional screening. 

Considering Hypervoice criteria, VoiceAdvantage allows interviews to be recorded, shared and searched for important notes or resumes. The interview process in integrated into the workflow of both the recruiter and the candidate. 

With customers like Adecco RPO, American Airlines and Associated Bank, the need for this kind of solution in high-volume hiring situations is clear. 

Watch the VoiceAdvantage Product Demo


HarQen also created Symposia, a web and conference calling product.  The recording feature is optional, but the features for flagging and sharing just a part of a conversation are robust, as well as the organized activity stream that produces a meeting summary for everyone on the call. 

Symposia Screenshot

Custom Solutions

HarQen offers custom Hypervoice solutions for specific configurations, on-premise or in the cloud. For example, integrations with enterprise social collaboration tools or CRM systems are possible, using HarQen's technology to power Hypervoice conversations. 

HarQen & IBM Connections video