Lindsay Seabrook


MindMeld by Expect Labs is a first exploration of a technology platform that enables apps to understand and anticipate our needs.  It's is a new type of intelligent conversation assistant that can actually understand what you say and automatically find related information as you talk.  

MindMeld can be used with voice or video for personal or business use, allowing you invite people to join your conversation via a direct invite or through Facebook. 

Privacy control is basic with invite only, Facebook friends only, or public options.

Sharing is super simple and, after the conversation is over, everything that was shared is neatly organized in an activity stream for easy review later. 

MindMeld doesn't cache your whole conversation, only the parts you proactively save, so, from a Hypervoice criteria standpoint, the recording ability is missing. It's also unclear whether users have the ability to search saved notes within the app or just browse them visually. 

In addition to eventually rolling out across iOS, they expect to open their platform to the developer community and developers can sign up to early access for their API here.

From Tim Tuttle, Founder and CEO of Expect Labs:“Our underlying technology platform is designed to make it possible to automatically find related information during any conversation. This includes not only voice or video calls, but it also includes web conferences, business meetings, call center applications, etc.,” remarked Tuttle. “There are numerous enterprise applications that could benefit from our technology, including customer support, sales calls, and online learning.

Watch the MindMeld Product Demo