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Examples of Hypervoice in action today 


Hypervoice Is Happening Today!

Startups and enterprise players are realizing the power of voice applications and are helping
voice realize its full potential online. 

This list is just scratching the surface of innovative apps that have embraced the Hypervoice concept to bring their products and services to the next level. The Hypervoice Consortium will continue to add to the list, but we'd love your help staying in the know. 

These apps are proving it - voice is not only alive and well,
 it's back with a vengeance.


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Botanic allows machines to adapt to human communication.

They build conversational characters who act as an interface. They are driven by machine intelligence, understand context and state for task completion, and communicate with personality and emotional intelligence.


Using personalized 1:1 video coaching, Dupl matches its customers with the UK's leading health and nutrition experts to offer support and motivation.  Dupl's technology platform includes a companion app and the ability for coaches to track progress through wearable sensors and live updates. 


The smartphone has forever changed how we live and work. It keeps us connected and allows us to get things done on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. But although we’re connecting 10x more, we’re saying 10x less. We still ‘tap and send’ as if we’re sitting in front of a desktop PC. The result is miscommunication, teams getting out of sync, and ultimately lost time and productivity.

Voice is the most natural way for people to communicate. It allows us to engage with clarity, share ideas with emotion, and quickly solve problems together.


Blrt: Talk, point & draw - over images, website or documents.  Blrt recreates the way that people collaborate in a meeting without the need for an actual meeting while retaining the most powerful tool: the human voice combined with human gesture.

According to Anurag Chakradhar, Blrt Founder: "Most approaches focus on real-time communication, but the real issue is real-time availability.  Blrt lets you have meetings with people without having to be available at the same time or the same place."


Tropo products allow developers to easily integrate real-time voice and text communications with any web or mobile application, including powerful features like speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages, conference calling, call recording and transcription, and SMS text messaging.


Hypervoice solutions from HarQen can deliver actionable voice conversations integrated into the enterprise workflow, eliminating existing silos and improving unified communications and enterprise social networking.


VoiceBase is the leading provider of cloud-based, machine-generated voice transcription and indexing services, enabling the search and discovery of valuable spoken information. With astonishing speed, VoiceBase identifies and processes keywords from a conference call, podcast, lecture or video webcast. The text-converted information can then be easily searched and played, shared or stored with other similar data.


MindMeld is a new type of intelligent conversation assistant that can actually understand what you say and automatically find related information as you talk.  


Calltrunk is like email for conversations.

You can record your conversations, store them all online, search them for information and share the ones that you want to. With Calltrunk, your conversations are no longer something that vanishes - they become saveable, searchable information assets.