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The Hypervoice Consortium's mission is to research and advocate for
communication technologies that benefit humankind.


The seeds of the future are scattered all around us. Over the last year, our team at the Hypervoice Consortium collected many of those seeds by interviewing visionaries, scholars and engineers and combing through mountains of research.

We asked a seemingly straightforward question:
What will personal communications look like in 2025?

What we found surprised us.


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"Apple Watch And The Dark Side Of Wearables" - InformationWeek

I admit it. I love my wearables. I love competing against my former CTO and out-walking him.  (It may be a rare day, but it’s a good one.) I love that my mother, who lives thousands of miles away, has the ability to call for help via her Lifeline. It’s one less worry in a sea of worries.

But my love, and patience, is being tested. With all the Apple Watch enthusiasm, and the blockbuster early sales of the iPhone 6, I find that there is a growing pit in my stomach. 

Apple Watch and iPhone 6 provide two more powerful platforms to do things like record our voices with little disclosure.  

Head to InformationWeek to see why I believe customers deserve better.

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Tropo, a provider of real-time communication (RTC) developer platforms, has released Ito, a communications assistant or bot for the Slack chat communications tool. 

Ito can also perform advanced voice analytics or hypervoice, on calls, and can record, transcribe, index, and analyze multiparty conversations. Tropo is a founding member of the Hypervoice Consortium, backed by industry leaders including Ericsson and Telefonica.

“The [Google translate] technology is potentially magical, but the threats are real too,” said Kelly Fitzsimmons, co-founder of the Hypervoice Consortium, which researches the future of communication. “What would it mean to have a corpus of conversations after there is regime change, and a new government doesn’t like what you said?”


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